7 Secrets to a Purpose Driven Life


We each have a unique and personalised purpose for which we are responsible for pursuing and becoming fruitful in. But in this world, with all of our commitments and with the expectations society, our jobs, families and peers have of us, how do we grow into one who can achieve success in our purpose? Here are seven secrets that, once applied, will release you from the chains of society’s expectations and catapult you into a life of fulfillment and freedom.

  1. Get around people who can teach you new ways to think and behave

We naturally gravitate towards what we are familiar with. But if what you have come to know as ‘normal’ has not got the people you perceive to be normal the life that you want, then find people who have lives like what you want. People who have the attitudes you want to have, people who have the happiness and joy that you long for. Get to know these people. Observe them, how they behave and respond to tests and their all-round character. Take special note of the things they do that are in contrast to the way you would normally do them and begin to adopt a new set of thoughts and behaviors into your being.

Read books and listen to audio by people who have achieved success in areas you strive to be successful. Saturate your mind and spirit with examples of growth and possibility. You are not defined by your history or by the way you’ve been taught to believe life is supposed to be so don’t allow yourself to be confined by limiting beliefs. Rather, consider that there are ways to fulfilling success that you may not be yet aware of. Seek those principals and apply them.

2. Practice what you know and keep learning

Stop saying, ‘Yea I know this’. Most of the knowledge we have is unused, so when you are being taught something you already know on some level, consider that the difference between he who has been successful in his pursuit and you, is simply the application of that information. Always desire to be a student. Anything that isn’t growing is dying so always seek to learn and apply new ideas and ways.

3. There is no reason why you can’t, only excuses

Stop saying, ‘Yea but…’. No excuse, no limitation, no situation, circumstance or environment can ever stop what is meant for you. These ‘hindrances’ show up as distractions merely to deceive us into thinking we won’t be able to succeed. You won’t always feel like you want to do what it takes to achieve your goals, and it is in these times, especially, you must push through. It will be hard. There will be tears. There absolutely will be challenges that will make it look to you as if your dream is impossible.

If you’ve ever trained with a personal trainer, you’ll know that the point at which you are completely depleted and exhausted is the exact moment you are told to push the hardest you have the entire session. In any venture, growth journey or goal there MUST come moments where it looks as if you’ve been defeated. These are the moments you get to choose to push through despite how impossible it may look. It is exactly at these points breakthroughs occur and doors to opportunities open.

4. Be affirmative in your language and actions

Instead of ‘I can’t’ ask ‘How can I?’ Instead of ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ go and do it now. Instead of distracting yourself with jobs that are not a priority, go and brainstorm ideas about your dream life, what it looks like and what you can start doing right now to take steps towards your goal. It may be contacting somebody via email who can give you advice, it may be making a phone call, picking up a guitar, a paint brush or applying for that course. Take at least one step towards your goal EVERY day.

Stop blaming time. Every one of us has the same amount of it in each day. If every moment of your day is filled with busyness, you will need to go through some serious de-cluttering and priorities must be reassessed. Is that coffee date, or that nails appointment really a priority over working towards fulfilling your destiny? Can the time it takes to do the housework be condensed to two hours rather than taking up half a day? Can a big batch of food be cooked up to last the family a few meals over the course of the week so that cooking time can be cut down? When we get creative we can free up time. Write down your plan and coordinate and allocate focused time to working on it.

5. Pray

In all of this pray to the Father. He designed you for the very thing your spirit hungers for, therefore He intends for you to attain it. But not without first developing your character and skills, so that you are equipped to handle it when it shows up. You will be tested to see how strong your faith is and to see how much pain and discomfort you are willing to withstand to succeed. Don’t fight the discomfort, embrace it. We only grow outside of our comfort zone so get uncomfortable before you get comfortable.

6. Keep going!

Stop procrastinating. The only person that has to go to bed with your mind, your thoughts, decisions and feelings is you! So push through something today that will bring you joy in the morning. And all the while through your journey, be thankful every single day for what you have today. Be joyful in your blessings. The very fact that you woke up this morning means you have a purpose to serve today, so be thankful you have been given another opportunity to fulfill it. When forces come against you to discourage you, see them as challenges that have been placed in your life specifically for your growth. ALL THINGS work together for our good. The good and the painful.

7. Be excited, not afraid

When fear sets in (and it will), call it excitement. Have you ever noticed how similarly our bodies react in each state? The anxiety and nervousness we feel when we are uncomfortable and about to embark on something big and new is parallel to the excitement we experience when we win a huge prize, when we go on a holiday, or when we anticipate seeing a loved one we haven’t seen an a long time.

A music coach I had when I was young once told me to tell myself ‘I am excited’ rather than ‘I am scared’ before I went on stage. This simple change in language changes our physiology and prepares our bodies for action. Using language such as ‘I’m scared’ tells your brain to resist an action or an event. The body fights against it and this can lead to anxiety. Saying ‘I’m excited’ tells the brain that this experience is welcomed and in turn we more often enjoy the ride.

Life is a gift and we have a responsibility to honour and nurture that gift. We are predestined but not predetermined. Therefore it is up to us to take the initiative to continuously and deliberately grow, and to learn and apply the knowledge available to us in order to reach our destiny and be fruitful in life.

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