What is Love?

A photo by Hugo Alfredo Aguilar Jr.. unsplash.com/photos/DzXlcVbqRFc

Many of us believe in a loving source that brought physical matter and life into being. A designer, a universe an energy whose system is fueled by love.

So what is love?

When we describe love to each other we use adjectives such as unconditional, eternal, limitless, forgiving and compassionate to name a few.

Sacrificial experiences are used to describe love, such as ‘I would die for you’. ‘I’d run through the fire for you’. ‘If you had to walk through hell I’d go with you’. ‘Even if it my love for you was never returned I’d still never stop loving you’.

We often don’t live out these images to the depth we perhaps think we would, but still at our core we understand that these sacrificial sentiments are fundamental certainties of true, genuine love. Love is being entirely for another and not expecting anything in return.

The Christian gospel is the only worldview in which love is given at it’s highest expression. It exemplifies a loving God that loved and still loves His children completely and unconditionally. He did walk through the fire for us. He lived this hell with us, suffered and was tortured for us. Yet globally it seems that this the hardest and sometimes most offensive worldview to grasp.

Why do we not expect God’s standard of love to be the same as ours? And if God’s definition is the same as, or greater than ours, would we not then expect that His expression of love would be the highest there is? That He would take on all of our pain and suffering and give His own life for us? If not, then what is the love we speak about when we refer to this loving being or energy or God? How is this love expressed?

God’s love is not physically removed from us. It walked this earth with us. There is no amount of pain we experience that He Himself hasn’t experienced. That is what makes Him so unique. He suffered and died an earthly death to reconcile us to His Kingdom. But He resurrected to new life in resemblance of what lies before us. I don’t know of any love deeper than that.

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