Machine Versus Man


Everything that is engineered, designed and built is done so in order to serve a purpose. No machine is built in order not to operate its function. No house is built without a foundation, walls and a roof to make a dwelling. Every single thing that is made is done so with exactly what it needs mechanically and structurally to produce its intended result. And none of man’s creations question whether or not they can withstand their task. They are built for it and so they do it.

We are built similarly. We have a unique and specific purpose for which we are fully equipped and designed specifically to achieve. The difference between us and a welder is that we have a mind that questions ‘Can I really?’. How can we ask this? If we had no mind, were robotic and simply adhered to the commands of our inventor, we would be living our purpose perfectly. Our lack of faith and questioning our ability are the only things standing in our way. But we were created as loved vessels for the very purpose of fulfilling the outcomes our designer engineered us to achieve.

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