What Is Your Passion?


Remember when you were a young child. The days you played chasey in the school yard. Running so freely through the playground, bark becoming stuck in your shoes. You’d run desperately towards a tree just to touch it and scream out ‘Barleys!’. Remember how you’d laugh so hard and so fully as you tried to catch your breath. You had no concept of being weary about who was looking at you or being concerned about what other people were thinking about you. Do you remember that freedom? The freedom to just be?

When you liked doing something, nobody could have told you it was wrong! Remember those songs you used to make up dances to with your friends? The drawings you used to draw? The sport you loved to play? Playing dress ups? Building monster Lego constructions? Cutting your Barbie’s hair? Remember the feeling of being so immersed in an activity such as one of these that nothing else existed. Nothing else mattered. Even the character you played while playing make believe was more real than anything else in the world. You never kept time. You just did what you loved doing for as long as you wanted to do it or until somebody asked you to stop. Take yourself back to that time, back to that completely expressed life of wonder.

Now as an adult, what stirs your soul? What is that thing that when you are witness to it, or engaged in it, feels like somebody has stepped on the accelerator of your heart as it revs into burning desire and longing? What is that thing that is not detached from you but a part of you, that you yearn to do? Remember the last time you had that feeling, when your heart desperately thirsted to do that thing. What was it? Got it?

Now envision that thing. Make it a large IMAX size picture in your mind. Feel the energy of passion and possibility, of excitement and joy. People are watching in awe with amazement and inspiration. You are so skilled, so focused; you are made for this thing! Nobody is competing with you, you have the floor. The stage is yours. It smells like success, it tastes like accomplishment that overflows and moves the world around you. The sound of those who surround you, cheering you on surges your momentum into a powerful force. You have started a chain reaction of ambition, determination, and world changing, motivated action. You are the proof we are more than the limited life we’ve been settling for. The hungry at heart are turned on by your relentless pursuit of your dreams!

This is the thing you were made for. It fills you with as much peace as it does excitement, as if the two are puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Whatever it is, you have a responsibility to the very thing that has been put on your heart to do. So long as you are given a new day when you wake in the morning, you too are given an opportunity to participate in your dream, in your purpose. We are not done until the day we leave this earth.

If you are eighty and reading this, your work is not done. There is something you can do today that will touch the hearts of your children and grandchildren! God still has a vision for you that he is not yet finished with.

If you are fifty and reading this, and you feel like you have missed the boat for pursuing your passion, you haven’t. The youth of today are looking to you for hope and possibility. Wisdom is your advantage! You can still study, volunteer, take a course to advance a skill set and move in what you are passionate about. Engage your families and friends, use the resources around you. Your kids and friend’s kids are young and technologically savvy! Make it an exciting project they can be part of. You are the most resourced generation! NOW is your time!!

If you are in your thirties and at home with small children, what a perfect opportunity to use the time you have at home for research, setting up an online business or taking an online course. Get a babysitter and once or twice a week go and engage with people who can teach you what you need to know. Find experts in the field you want to be in and take guidance and development advice from them. Use this extra time at home to your advantage! Dads, engage your wives to help you research. Work together in your united vision.

And if you are a teenager or in your twenties, you ARE the leaders of tomorrow! Start planning now. Paint the vision clearly in your mind and every day do something in accordance with that vision. Start researching. Talk to people who are successful in their own pursuit of their purpose. Do it today. There is so much temptation to spend your spare time partying and socialising, but these things are fleeting. This time can be used to set up your dream life. Talk to people older than you, seek their wisdom. I promise you, we were all young once and completely understand what you would rather be doing, but know this; where you are, we have been, and where we are, you are going. Older generations have a lot to offer you so heed their advice.

Whatever has stopped you up until now, declare that thing broken! It no longer has its hold on you. When all of your focus, joy, gratitude and heart are poured into your vision without hesitation, it must come to pass. Don’t be deterred by obstacles. They are there to make you stronger, hungrier, and to increase your persistence, determination and to strengthen your character. They serve as a blessing in the end so take courage. If you are alive today you have a purpose to serve, and the thing that makes you hungry to live, not just exist, is the thing that you are here to do!

You can because you are!

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  1. Anthea, that was a fantastic write up of feelings, purpose, inspirational memories and our existence well done Hun keep them coming xx 😘

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