About Anthea.K

Throughout my life I have often thought deeply about the fundamental purpose of why we are here. In my late 20’s especially, questions, that I could not distract from or make peace with within my own foresight, began to dig heavily into my spirit.

In my observation it became apparent that we each have very unique gifts and passions. No two person’s talents and ideas are the same. Each person’s life experiences vary from one another. We have all been hurt, courageous, scared, loved, unloved, deceived and blessed in different ways. I believe that we encounter these experiences so that we develop hearts that recognise particular needs in others and in the world. I believe that our passions are the fuel within us that drives us to serve these needs, and that our talents and skills are the vessels through which we are able to deliver them.

I began to ask, ‘How did all this come to be? How did we develop emotion, intellect, instinct and imagination that work together in harmonious synchronicity to be able to deliver on our purposes?’.

After years of studying and journeying spiritually into the depths of these questions and with a deep hunger to know the truth, I believe the answers lie in the Christian gospel.

Please know that the views on this site are my own, but I hope to challenge conventional thought and ideas, and to encourage each individual to realise their destiny and pursue their purpose.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind – Romans 12:2