Joy to the World – A Hope for Christmas

Christmas has a different meaning to each of us. For many of us it is a time of gathering with our families and friends. It is a day of feasting, exchanging gifts and singing carols. We embrace loved ones we haven’t seen for long periods. We laugh, share our journeys from throughout the year and talk about our resolutions for the year to come. Drinks flow until Continue reading “Joy to the World – A Hope for Christmas”

What Is Your Passion?

Remember when you were a young child. The days you played chasey in the school yard. Running so freely through the playground, bark becoming stuck in your shoes. You’d run desperately towards a tree just to touch it and scream out ‘Barleys!’. Remember how you’d laugh so hard and so fully as you tried to catch your breath. You had no concept of being weary about who was looking at you or being concerned about what other people were thinking about you. Do you remember that freedom? The freedom to just be? Continue reading “What Is Your Passion?”

7 Secrets to a Purpose Driven Life

We each have a unique and personalised purpose for which we are responsible for pursuing and becoming fruitful in. But in this world, with all of our commitments and with the expectations society, our jobs, families and peers have of us, how do we grow into one who can achieve success in our purpose? Here are seven secrets that, once applied, will Continue reading “7 Secrets to a Purpose Driven Life”

Thanks Giving

If not the creator, then to who do we give thanks for blue skies, warm days, laughter, kindness, joy and loving relationships?

A little while ago I came home after a long, cold, dark, wet and rainy night at work. I had been working outdoors in an area that was very run down, seedy and had very little light which made working in the bad weather quite difficult and tiresome.

Continue reading “Thanks Giving”

Grave to the Cradle – The Butterfly Effect

Today while running a couple of errands I passed by a cemetery.  As I looked at the multitude of gravestones that covered a piece of land so large I couldn’t see the end of it, I began to think of all of the lives that had walked this earth that are no more. Each and every one of the Continue reading “Grave to the Cradle – The Butterfly Effect”